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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as our lens, we offer both content and corporate-related services.


Content Services

Script reviews - Providing an analysis of tropes and stereotypes and character attributes such as intelligence, relationships, and violence.​

On-set guidance - Ensuring that the set is an inclusive environment for all involved. 

Post-production content analyses - Analyzing physical aspects of characters, such as body size, hair texture, and skin tone in addition to analyzing for tropes and stereotypes.

Audience research - Distributing surveys to and holding focus groups for targeted audience members.

Reviewing CV
Business Presentation

Corporate Services

DEI training - Trainings curated to organizational needs on topics including microaggressions, allyship, bias, and more. 

Employee focus groups - Facilitated discussions with B/ERGS tailored to their needs.

Crisis management - Assistance with DEI-related public statements, internal disputes, etc.

Sourcing diverse talent on- and off-screen -Providing companies with the resources and databases to source diverse talent.

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