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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as our lens, we offer both content and corporate-related services.


Content Services

Script reviews - Providing an analysis of tropes and stereotypes and character attributes such as intelligence, relationships, and violence.​

On-set guidance - Ensuring that the set is an inclusive environment for all involved. 

Post-production content analyses - Analyzing physical aspects of characters, such as body size, hair texture, and skin tone in addition to analyzing for tropes and stereotypes.

Audience research - Distributing surveys to and holding focus groups for targeted audience members.


Corporate Services

DEI training - Trainings curated to organizational needs on topics including microaggressions, allyship, bias, and more. 

Employee focus groups - Facilitated discussions with B/ERGS tailored to their needs.

Crisis management - Assistance with DEI-related public statements, internal disputes, etc.

Sourcing diverse talent on- and off-screen -Providing companies with the resources and databases to source diverse talent.


Dr. Carlisa Simon, University of Maryland - College Park

"Dr. Cox was a pleasure to work with on our experimental project. Her expertise in developmental research and sociocultural awareness was an invaluable asset to our project. She worked expeditiously to develop our scripts for a social modeling animation designed to encourage Black young adult trust and coping skills with their family and friends after experiencing racial stress. I would highly recommend Dr. Cox and the Uncommon Eye group to anyone looking to develop culturally insightful stories." 
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